Holes 1 to 3

Hole 1 Par 5 466yds.

The first hole at Hartford has the most forgiving fairway.  A nice wide landing area sets up a chance of reaching the green in two, as long as the big hitters miss the pond on the right at 260 yards.  The further left however, brings into play the large oak near the left side of the green.  Played sensibly this is a nice forgiving 470 yard par 5.
Hole 1Hole 1

Hole 2 Par 3 178yds.

The second hole is the first of the great par 3's.  This hole is 170 yards up hill into the prevailing wind, with a sheltered tee, take plenty of club!  Once you get to the green, avoiding the out of bounds down the right, you will find a 60m long 3 tiered monster.  Miss it right or left leaves a very difficult chip.
Hole 2Hole 2

Hole 3 Par 5 488yds.

The par 5, 500 yard 3rd is Hartford's most difficult hole.  Although the views over Northwich and to the pennines are pleasant, what waits off the tee is not.  With out of bounds off the tee down the right, a good tee shot will leave you with a slim chance of taking on the green in two.  Be aware if the long valley is in front of you, the woods all down the left, and the two tiered green at the end.  If you still have a good card in your hand enjoy the next few holes.

Hole 3Hole 3